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All About La Tradicion Inc.

The first tortilla shop of the Valdez family was created half a century ago in Michoacan, Mexico. With the knowledge shared through experience, one of the seven children moved to Wichita Kansas in order to pursue a business career with his own tortilla factory. Alongside his wife and daughter who also learned the ways of artisan food crafting. The family began to make and deliver tortillas to local stores and restaurants and decided to expand the business even further with a new delivery route in Oklahoma City, OK. The business first started with flour tortilla and eventually expanded to the gluten-free corn and other specialty items. Everything is homemade and always made fresh everyday with a delicious flavor and without preservatives. Make sure to like us on Facebook and Follow us on Instagram in order to support us through our ongoing journey and for special recipes. We hope you enjoy our products and we look forward to serving you with our tradition.

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